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El Hostelito guests enjoying the Ecuador vs Brasil world cup qualifying match.

Let´s go to the Stadium!

Estadio Atahualpa & local traditions Another great perk of staying in El Hostelito is that you are really close to our local stadium called Atahualpa in memory of the grand Inca. It is a cultural thing to go to the Stadium whenever Ecuador ir playing or the local teams of Quito like Católica, El Nacional, Liga de Quito or Deportivo Quito. Matches are normally on weekends thus a lot of families go together as a local tradition. People go to watch the game but also to enjoy the traditional food and drinks of the stadium. The prices vary whether it is an Ecuador game ($30-$40) to a local league game ($10) so as a tourist we highly recommend you go to the stadium and enjoy some good soccer and try local traditions.

Some of our guests enjoying a nice christmas dinner!

FAQ answered by the reception!

Frequently Asked Questions @El Hostelito TRANSPORTATION   How do I get to Baños (3 hours), Latacunga (1.5 hours), Cuenca (9 hours), Guayaquil (8 hours)? You have to go to Quitumbe (south bus terminal) it is not necessary to buy bus tickets in advance, you can buy the bus ticket in the terminal. To get to Quitumbe it is a $10 taxi from El Hostelito or you take Ecovia (direction south) until Galo Plaza & there you change to one that goes to Quitumbe (75-90 minutes in bus 50-60 minutes in taxi.

Our "Barrio"

Our “Barrio” and Surroundings

Hungry? Craving a beer? Just want to go out? Our “Barrio” or neighborhood is called La Paz and what most guests don´t know is that these area is one of the most seeked after places to be in Quito.

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